Brea Wright

Breanna Wright is a graphic designer, photographer/videographer, creative director, web developer, and coffee enthusiast, with an interest in VR game creation. Arizona based, she is currently studying Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University with a focus on animation and photography.

Address: San Tan Valley, AZ
Phone: 928-642-0365
Email: brea.wright.designs@gmail.com
Cassie Cat Short Animation

Cassie Cat Short Animation


Project Overview

The Cassie Cat project was for my story-boarding class. In this project I worked to develop my storyboard, character creation, designing all assets for the animation in illustrator, and then animating in after effects. My goal of the project is to create a simple animation with the intent of conveying a story and also to spread awareness of the danger of liner foreign bodies in pets and the damage that something as simple as a piece of string can cause.

Final Animation

All assets for this project I created in adobe illustrator before bringing them into adobe after effects. The audio was used for educational purposes, I do not own the rights to it. The song is Homesick by Dua Lipa.

Project Storyboard

For the character of Cassie cat I used the cool blue color as a representation of the characters emotional state. In the story, when Cassie cat is adopted she is a grumpy cat and is skeptical of everything. We see the character warm up to her new life with the people as the story progresses. After a negotiation in heaven for another chance at life, Cassie cat is given another chance and in the following scenes we see the emotional state of the character again represented by color. Cassie cat is now a warm orange, full of new energy & excitement stemming from her second chance.

Character Development

When designing Cassie cat the goal was for her to be very expressive while maintaining a simple artistic character style.