Brea Wright

Breanna Wright is a graphic designer, photographer/videographer, creative director, web developer, and coffee enthusiast, with an interest in VR game creation. Arizona based, she is currently studying Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University with a focus on animation and photography.

Address: San Tan Valley, AZ
Phone: 928-642-0365
Email: brea.wright.designs@gmail.com
Big Tops Phonics
Big Tops Phonics

Big Tops Phonics

Leveraging technology to create an immersive and fun learning environment for children to learn phonics. This gamification style of learning appeals to all the sense and practices learning both fundamental spelling principles and how to use virtual reality technologies. We designed this game from paper prototypes to incorporating and designing 3D elements and code in Unity’s game engine, resulting in a completed alpha version of the game.



This project involves the design and development of an early reading phonics game for the Virtual Reality platform. While interacting with the game, the child will learn and practice phonics which helps in the development of reading skills by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters in an alphabetic writing system. This project is developed in collaboration with the Dept. Graphical Information Technology to bring together a visually engaging interface as well as a interactive game logic. Game play will incorporate sound, kinesthetics, and visual stimulation.


Alpha Version Game Demo

Services: Game Design, 3D, Virtual Reality